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Types of Forklifts 

There are varieties of forklift trucks in the market and all have their specific uses. Here is the list of different forklift and everything they can do.

Counterbalance Forklift Trucks

This is a common type of forklift trucks that are most popular today. There is a fork that protrudes out from the front of the truck. These trucks have no arms and legs sticking out and hence you can drive it to the exact location where it is to be used. These trucks are usually available in gas, electric or diesel powered versions. 

Reach TrucksThese have designed to be used in warehouses. They also offer excellent maneuverability with maximum lift height. These can reach up to great heights (around 10 meters) and that is why it is the preferred choice in warehouses. The presence of stabilizing legs along with the batteries neutralizes the requirement for any counterbalance weight Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS. Some manufacturers make modifications in terms of tilting cabs in these trucks so that the viewing becomes better for the operator. Cameras can also be fitted in the fork of these trucks to ensure better visibility. These are perfect for indoor use and are just not suited to be used outsides. 

Powered pallet trucks

These also work on the same mechanism as hand pallet trucks with the difference of having a battery inside that can be recharged and comes with a paddle control button to choose the direction and another button to adjust the height of the fork Autel MaxiDiag MD808.

These are the main types of forklift trucks and you should buy one that fits your needs. Make sure the powered ones come with forklift safety lighting options as forklift safety is important. Check the forklift radiators as well.

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